Aerial imagery and video are essential assets for all kinds of industries.

Aerial photography and videography are extraordinary ways to capture landscapes and architecture from a different perspective, allowing you to achieve stunning and creative photos and video of otherwise inaccessible areas.

I have the latest CAA qualification A2 CofC (A2 Certificate of Competency) which became effective from January 2021.

I have £1m Public Liability Insurance.

I operate some of the latest drones on the market up to a weight of 2kg and capable of filming up to 4K quality video and high resolution photos.


I come from a background in graphic design so I have a vast experience of all industry-leading applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom where I can retouch photos and create incredible looking images.

I have worked with Adobe Premiere for years, one of the world’s leading video and film editing applications, this accompanied with Adobe After Effects, you can take any idea to make a stunning cinematic film, titles, intros and transitions.

Roof Inspections.

Building surveys and roof inspections with a drone are a low-cost alternative to the high cost of scaffolding etc. Another great benefit to using a drone is capturing photos and video of properties that you can watch over and over again.  

Property & Landscapes.

Capturing photos and video of property and landscapes from an elevated perspective can provide wow factor images. Aerial photos of your home can make a great gift and look awesome in a frame on the wall in any room.


Aerial photo and video in the sporting can look fantastic. An aerail video of each hole on the golf course or a panoramic photo of the whole course can look exceptional.

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